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Year after year, millions of Americans make their best attempt to lose weight through diet and exercise. Sadly, only 2% see results and even less maintain their weight loss. At Kennedy Bariatrics in Rockwell, Plano and Dallas, TX we offer a solution for those of you who don’t fall in the 2% range.

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The Weight Struggle

To be medically diagnosed as “morbidly obese” is extremely scary. Being significantly overweight increases your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. While many people want to lose weight to avoid these types of serious medical conditions, their bodies simply won’t let them without invasive measures.

Our Surgical Methods

Kennedy Bariatrics has the knowledge and tools to help. We offer several bariatric surgery procedures including:

  • Realize band/lap band
  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass


Each of the above procedures has their own pros and cons and work best based on individual lifestyles. The surgeons at Kennedy Bariatrics will discuss these pros and cons with you before starting any surgical preparations, and will help you decide which method is best for you.



"Today makes 1 year since undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure and I could not be more pleased with how things have gone.

I am down 90 pounds so far, feeling good and looking to keep the trend going forward!"


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Don’t continue to struggle with your weight! Turn to our experts in Rockwell, Dallas and Plano, TX for help. We have the advice and tools to help find which bariatric surgery is the safest choice for you.

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